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Meet Darren

Darren Kittleson is a multiple real estate brokerage owner and multiple market center Operating Principle in Wisconsin.  He is a past President of the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB), certified CRB, Real Estate Negotiations Expert (RENE) and Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) trainer.  He is recognized as an outstanding trainer, MAPS coach and ambassador at the highest level for Keller Williams University International Master Faculty.  He is a founding member of the Siebold Success Network, an international group of keynote speakers, trainers and coaches.  His training and development programs in building a great real estate business consistently receive high marks!  


Darren is a member of the National Speaker Association and Global Speaker Federation. He has served as President of the REALTORS Association of South Central Wisconsin and was named "REALTOR of Distinction" in 2001.  He was also named one of Madison's "40 under 40" by Dane County's In Business magazine.  His experience is in real estate and sales with specialties in professional speaking, business coaching, and residential real estate business coaching/training.  He is an expert on coaching, real estate, business, motivation, and peak performance.  






Darre Kittleson Speaking
Headshot of Daren Kittleson

"I enjoy watching people develop and watching their businesses grow. I train them to give great customer service, build relationships and do what they say they’re going to do to build their business. If all of that’s in place, the sale happens."

"Darren is an outstanding, balanced blend of professional and approachable. His knowledge and experience in the Real Estate field is evident with his ability to answer any and all questions class attendees bring his way.  He humbly shares with all participants his business knowledge learned through trial and errors. Overall, Darren is a highly skilled trainer and teacher whose life experiences interact with his business strategies to deliver a one of a kind teaching!" 


                                                                                                                     -ASHLEE STEINKE - NORTH CENTRAL REGION- REGIONAL OPERATIONS MANAGER




Darren Kittleson recently taught "Win with Sellers" to a sold-out class in Chicago, and it was among the best-received training that has been offered here in the Mid-American Region! Our students specifically appreciated Darren's obvious mastery of the material and his ability to speak from experience - he clearly "walks his talk". He covered all of the material, keeping the pace of the class brisk yet allowed for significant interaction with our students, who remained engaged the entire day. Above all, Darren made this class about meeting the needs of our agents and delivering actionable strategies, as opposed to entertaining them. His humble, yet direct style was a breath of fresh air and you can be certain that Darren will be teaching in our Region again (and again)!
                                                                              -JOHN SCHUMACHER  - MID-AMERICAN REGION - REGIONAL DIRECTOR

Darren Kittleson Made The Team!

Watch Darren speak at the Siebold Success Network event

Siebold Success Network is an international network of companies helping individuals and organizations become more successful through professional skills and personal growth training.

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