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Darren Kittleson's Biography

Darren is a 27 year veteran of the residential real estate industry who started his career in sales in the north suburbs of Chicago, IL. He moved "home" to Madison, Wisconsin in 1993 and shortly after began serving as the Operating Principle of 2 Keller Williams Realty Offices in Madison.  

He became a regional certified trainer for Keller Williams University and consistently receives HIGH marks for his training and development programs. He is also a member of the John Maxwell Coaching program where he became certified to train 5 Maxwell courses, facilitate Maxwell Masterminds and coach individuals and companies using his leadership centered principles. He has been a BOLD coach since 2010 and is also a MAPS Agent Coach where he specializes in Mega teams that exceed over $1 million annually in gross commission income. 


Darren has been speaking professionally to groups both large and small since 1994.  He has a passion for helping real estate agents build great businesses.  He is a student of the industry and loves seeing the results his coaching clients get in building their businesses.  His courses and keynotes take the audience into deep emotion and have everyone walking away with a message that can impact their lives immediately.  He is an expert in coaching, real estate, business, motivation and peak performance with experience in real estate and sales.  

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Darren has traveled more than 40 weeks each year training and teaching topics specific to profit/wealth, sales, motivation, success strategies, economics, communication, management, and real estate.  He is looking to expand his resume and experience by traveling internationally to present his programs. To date, Darren has had a chance to speak in the U.S., Canada and Dubai.


KWU has three distinct levels of trainers – Market Center Trainers, KWU Approved Trainers, and International Master Faculty Trainers.

Market Center Trainers


Market Center Trainers are approved locally by their Team Leader (TL). The TL is the most qualified leader to determine and assist potential trainers at the Market Center level. However, KWU does provide a recommended learning path for Market Center Trainers and certifies those who complete the curriculum.

KWU Approved Trainers


KWU Approved Trainers are certified through KWU. Trainers at this level have the opportunity to train in any Region to which they are invited. They will be marketed on the KWU website and will be invited to faculty program events. Becoming certified means that a trainer has met KWU’s high standards and is recognized by Regional leadership for their talent as a trainer. It also means that KWU is confident that a trainer can deliver KWU courses in an engaging and effective environment so that the lessons can immediately be applied to associates’ businesses and lives.

International Master Faculty


International Master Faculty is a unique designation granted to those who have proven themselves to be exceptional trainers, icons of Keller Williams Realty, and ambassadors for KWU at the highest level. International Master Faculty trainers will be marketed on the KWU website and will be invited to faculty program events, as well as be afforded unique teaching opportunities and provide input into KWU course content.


“Darren's knowledge and implementation of technology is amazing.  Just as impressive are Darren's social skills, and involvement in community.  Darren is very generous with his time, passionate about his work, and I am glad to know him."

Jeff Berger / NAGLREP / Founder

" Darren brings more than 20 years of Real Estate Experience and willingly shares and coaches his associates.  He is a trainer with Keller Williams adn is an inspiring and challenging teacher and coach.  The leadership he provides supports all of us, especially in a challenging market."

Janet Johnson / Keller Williams / Broker Associate


“Darren encourages me to grow my business through the many classes offered at Keller Williams.  He personally motivates me and keeps me focused.  Darren is a huge source of information about our industry and loves to share it with all."

Pete Macho / RE/MAX Preferred / Broker Associate

" Darren brings more than 20 years of Real Estate Experience and willingly shares and coaches his associates.  He is a trainer with Keller Williams and is an inspiring and challenging teacher and coach.  The leadership he provides supports all of us, especially in a challenging market."

Janet Johnson / Keller Williams / Broker Associate

Imagine... that you are exactly where you wanted to be in your career at this stage of your life. You have enough money to do the things that give you pleasure; you live well, enjoy time with your family and friends, and wake up invigorated to start each day. Your relationships have never been better. You love your career. You are energized and happy. 

Clue 2 Coaching is about getting to exactly this happy place. It's about teaching you a different way of thinking. The one thing that differentiates people who live amazing, stratospheric lives is the way they think. 

Like the Law of Gravity, there are Universal Laws of Creation that exist and impact your life whether you know it or not. One such law is that you are responsible for the results that you get in your life. Another is that the way you feel is a function of the way you think. We want you to learn how to identify which thoughts propel you and which ones defeat you. By continually reaching for better thoughts you can create significant shifts in your life. We call this trading up. Trading up teaches you to think better thoughts. Clue 2 Coaching teaches you to always be reaching for thoughts that make you feel better, release resistant thoughts and replace them with a better thought. With the Clue 2 Coaching program you are able to make monumental changes in your thinking that lead to phenomenal, life transforming results. 

At Clue 2 Coaching we recognize that the single biggest difference between top performers and everyone else is the way they think. Clue 2 Coaching is about empowering you with the tools of deliberate thought that top performers are able to access instantly and use to drive their success. As a matter of fact, it's what they count on. Clue 2 Coaching is about supplying you with the consistent exposure to the kind of thinking that will enable you to achieve the life that you desire. 

All of our student's use the Frame of Mind on-line journaling system every day. Journaling is the single most important tool in creating significant change in your life. It's the vehicle that allows you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Clue 2 Coaching provides you with the skills of deliberate thought required to maximize your career performance.


Clue 2 Coaching teaches you that repeated thoughts lead to beliefs, and beliefs lead to expectations and expectations lead to the results you desire. Clue 2 Coaching is crystal clear about results. Results are a direct and deliberate product of what we allow our mind to focus on. Success is the result of a focussed frame of mind. Clue 2 Coaching Programs use our groundbreaking on-line, guided and secure journaling system. 

The key ingredient to the coaching program is the Frame of Mind exclusive on-line guided journal system. Each week our students write in the journal about a designated theme that targets a specific aspect of your thought process. Journaling has the ability to transform your life. When you journal you confront your battles; you explore your dreams, hopes and aspirations allowing them to come to life. They become more tangible and are validated. You bring constant attention, focus and energy to your goals which accelerate the time frame in which you achieve them.


“Darren is one of the best coaches I have ever had the privilege of working with.  He has a knack for being tough, friendly and funny all at the same time.  All good qualities for a coach.  He is motivated and inspirational.  I can't wait to work with him again."

Charlene Rooz  / Burlington, Oakville & Hamilton / Real Estate Sales Representative

"Darren is an excellent coach.  I hired him through Frame of Mind Coaching and found him to be an excellent, impartial coach who helped me bust through some tough issues.  I would highly recommend Darren as a Frame of Mind Coach to anyone looking to make some immediate changes in their life!"

Lynn Holley / Keller Williams / Realtor

Enhancing the productivity and profitability of real estate brokerage owners and managers since 1968.

The Real Estate Business Institute (REBI) is an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®. Formerly the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers, the organizational name change was approved in May 2015 to better reflect how our business has evolved. This has included expanding our portfolio of offerings to the REALTOR® community. The outstanding credentials are rooted in exceptional learning experiences with practical course content to improve your business operations, impact profitability and raise the bar on professional development – whether or not you are an agent, broker, manager, or team leader.


For over 40 years, we have continued to be the guiding light for those organizations endeavoring to increase profitability, productivity, and performance.

The Institute provides the tools you need to reinforce your professional development and sharpen your competitive advantage.

  • Flexible solutions for your individual and business needs.

  • New trends and business strategies to improve individual and company performance.

  • Innovative best practices to achieve quicker success. 

  • Practical and proven tools and ideas.

  • Blended learning options for a new generation of brokerage leadership.



“Darren is a massively talented real estate expert and coach!  He is accomplished, accountable, focused and committed to excellence.  He has the gift to inspire and bring out the best in everyone.  It is a privilege to recommend him and his services."

Scott Kiburz  / Keller Williams Biltmore Partners / Designated Broker

" Darren has the art of being able to coach others to become successful.  His methods would work in any field that they were applied to.  Thank you Darren for boosting my career to the next level."

Gwin Vaughn / Keller Williams / Associate Broker

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