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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

    Building Systems, Relationships and Loyalty

    1 Day Course

    Providing an awesome Customer Experience every time is the key to repeats and referrals!                                                                            


    In this course you will develop and integrate customer experience systems and standards into your real estate business, enhance your value proposition     to include how you deliver an exceptional customer experience, and incorporate the value you bring to your customers by always putting your customer     first.  When customers think real estate, they think.....Keller Williams and YOU!  

    This course will teach you how to:

       Build a 5­-step system to guarantee a WOW experience every time.

       Develop a powerful Value Proposition that delivers on what customers want and need most.

       Obtain more appointments and more listings with repeat customers and referrals through rave reviews and testimonials.




       Any agent who wants to improve their customer experience skillset and incorporate systems into their business that lead to lasting professional                     relationships and increased repeats and referrals.                           

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