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Keeping Your Mojo in a World Full of Eeyore's

Keeping Your Mojo in a World of Eeyore's

    Uncover four key areas where collaboration within corporations is crucial.

    1 - 1 1/2 Hour Keynote 

    The four areas include:

    1.  Not letting what others say or think stop you from being your best.

    2.  When life throws you curve balls, how you choose to react makes the difference in how you feel and with your performance.  

    3.  Being Ferociously Cooperative and the impact that has on your world.

    4.  The power of communication in our world of technology, text and email.

    Bottom line, each participant will walk away with 4 concrete ideas that they can implement within their role in the company the very next day to increase     collaboration between employees and departments.

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